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About Cafe Savvy

Cafe run by adults with learning disabilities increases skills - About Café Savvy


Working in a tea and coffee shop setting

Café Savvy offers adults with learning
disabilities the opportunity to work in a coffee shop, 
preparing food and drinks for local customers from the community.
Opened in 2016 and working in partnership with Bagworth Community Centre,
the Whistle Stop Tea and Coffee Shop gives trainees the chance to learn many new life and work skills.
Café Savvy trainees must be prepared to work in a busy integrated environment.



Bethany’s story

As an extremely shy young adult with learning difficulties, Bethany’s family were
worried about her future career options. Initially, Forever Savvy assisted Bethany
by providing a pathway through social services and the Department for Work &
Pensions, which helped to secure the correct funding to support her as an
independent adult.
Bethany also started working at Café Savvy, spending time learning kitchen and
front of house duties. Over a period of six months, we taught Bethany how to use the bus service, so she could travel from her home to work - she now travels
independently to and from work.
Bethany’s confidence has grown as a direct result of working with Cafe
Savvy. She now has a part-time job, two days a week, working at
Peppercorn Catering in Abbey Park, Leicester.

Parent feedback

Bethany’s parents shared their thoughts on their daughter’s progress:
“As the mum of a young adult with learning disabilities, I cannot thank
Forever Savvy enough for the help, support and guidance they have given
my daughter since she started in August 2017. Thanks to Amanda and her
dedicated team, she now receives training in a work-based environment
linked to part-time employment with the support of a job coach. This has
enabled her to grow in confidence and ability, as she works towards being
as independent as possible. The team are truly Modern Day Heroes!”

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