About PA Savvy

PA Savvy is a service which aims to tailor your PA service to what you and your young adult would like to do. 

This may mean it is time for leisure such as swimming, cinema, going to gym or just going shopping and for lunch. 

It may be that you would like your adult to learn some living skills such as washing or cleaning bedroom, shopping for food or cooking. 

You decide each week what you want to do.  If it’s the same each week that’s fine or you can vary

PA Savvy feel that it is important that you have the confidence in knowing that our PA staff are familiar with your young adult which is why our PAs are also job coaches at other Savvy centres and go through a rigorous training programme to equip them with the knowledge and skills they need to be able to meet the needs of adults with learning or physical difficulties. 

We aim to be able to provide at least 2 choices of PA that your young adult knows so that in event of holidays or illness we don’t have to let you down.

PA Savvy can be at anytime of day, or day of the week as we aim to meet your needs allowing you to have more choice.

If you would like to know more ring Angie on 07710 092412 or email angie@foreversavvy.co.uk


Parent feedback

“My daughter has been using the PA Service for the last 6 months once a week.  She has done a variety of things with her PA.  We try to balance out the activities, so she has not been doing the same thing each week. 

My daughter loves swimming and the cinema, so they do that every fortnight and then either go to the gym or out to see things other weeks.

She has been to the space centre and the Richard the III centre as well as the bird land at Desford.

She really looks forward to her PA coming and is always excited to go. This gives me valuable time to do something for me knowing that she is in good hands"