Meet The Team

Amanda Phelps

Managing Director

Amanda founded the Forever Savvy concept in 2011. She is a parent of a young man with Downs Syndrome and was looking for something meaningful and purposeful for him to do when he left full time education at the age of 19. Disappointment in the services available to motivate, coach and mentor her son in his adult life, brought life to the first Savvy project, Horse Savvy.

In her previous careers, she was a qualified computer programmer developing Quality Control Systems for JCB and Rolls Royce and Time Management systems for Local authorities. She became a freelance Web Designer working from home after the birth of her first of three sons.

Amanda is a black belt in the martial art of Jujitsu and is a coach and business partner of Leicester Jujitsu.  She also passionate about horses and their ability to bring emotional balance to humans through the Parelli system.  Through her own horses and Parelli journey and education the concept which is now Forever Savvy has been developed.

Amanda’s belief is that given the time and space to develop and grow everyone can find a purpose to life.

Angie Stokes

Family Liaison Officer (F.L.O.) / Work Savvy Manager

Angie came to the team in 2015 to start our K9 Savvy Project.  She is a parent of one of Savvy's trainees and was looking to do something similar when she gave up work to care for her daughter Rebecca. 

In her previous lives she has been a theatre and community nurse which serves her well in understanding our trainees. Angie was also an IT consultant and Business Link adviser for a spell before working for herself as a web developer. She is also a qualified teacher and taught in Gartree Prison for a number of years. She says that the wood crafting they do at K9 is similar to working in an operating theatre. Angie is a karate 2nd Dan and teaches in her spare time. She competes in tournaments where a few pieces of bling find their way home

Angie became the Family Liaison Office (F.L.O. for short) in 2019 following a successful grant application to the Shires Community Grant. In her new role Angie, builds relationships between parents, social workers, employment agencies and schools. F.L.O. is also responsible for coordinating the PA Savvy service which started last year. Angie will play an active role in looking for work placements for our trainees who are starting to look for work.

Trish Woodhouse

Cafe Savvy - Team Leader 

Trish started out on a voluntary basis, 1 day a week at horse savvy. Her role was to teach life skills such as washing up, cleaning the kitchen, sweeping floors and going into the garden to pick fruit and vegetables and (the never ending job) of weeding. It sounds simple and maybe mundane but Trish found it very relaxing and thought provoking. She worked with the trainees in this role over a 2 year period.

Her new role is team leader at Café Savvy. It is in a lovely local community centre, full of life and community spirit. Each day is a challenge but each day is full of staff's and trainee's laughter. Trish says it is hard work but the whole team finds it very rewarding.


Stacey Bedford

Creative Savvy - Team Leader

Stacey started as a Job Coach back in October 2017 working at both Café Savvy and K9 Savvy (which has now become Creative Savvy). Her hard work and creativity were noted, and she has progressed within the Forever Savvy team to become the Creative Savvy Team Leader in 2019.

Stacey started out training to be a hairdresser, which just like Creative Savvy has no two days the same and gave her a chance to create new ideas on a daily basis. She is a Mum of three boys who keep her very busy but constantly provide her with suggestions on what to make or grow at Creative Savvy next. As a family they spend most weekends walking the dog or going to the Seaside.


Morgan Phelps

Company Secretary / Admin Assistant

Morgan has worked across a number of centres starting out in 2013 at Horse Savvy as additional summer help before moving on to help Angie set up K9 Savvy in Bagworth. He has taken up the role of Company Secretary and Admin assistant at the company. Morgan enjoys working for Savvy as he finds watching the progress the trainees make (especially his older brother) extremely rewarding.

After being away for a number of years pursuing a career in teaching English as a foreign language, Morgan has returned to Leicestershire to study for a MA Course in this field. Morgan likes to play, watch and talk about Rugby as much as possible and travelling to new and exciting places.


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