Forever Savvy - Healthy outdoor learning for adults with learning disabilities

Forever Savvy provides vocational training in an outdoor, positive risk environment to learn practical transferrable skills for independent living and the workplace.  

The Forever Savvy Projects

Horse Savvy

K9 Savvy

Work Savvy

Latest news

Cafe Savvy now OPEN
June 2016

Exciting NEWS We are really excited to invite you along to our latest venture Cafe Savvy. We are working in partnership with Bagworth Community Centre to open an amazing community coffee shop, that provides free WiFi along with drinks and ...

NEXT, make a Generous Donation
May 2016

We’d like to thank NEXT for their donation of £200 received in May 2016.  Generous donations such as this will go a long way in helping to make our new Project Café Savvy get off the ground and become ...

Walkers Crisps help with Electricity Supply
February 2016

Many thanks to Walkers Crisps for their very donation of £350 in February 2016.  This money has been put towards the £900 cost of installing an electricity supply to our refurbished porta cabin, which will provide us with hot ...