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Parelli Passes - Awesome
December 2016

We're so proud of these three trainees.  They are the FIRST Savvy Trainees to enter audition videos to the United States, to achieve Parelli Level 1 online PASS ++. An AMAZING achievement as these auditions are taken by both able ...

Generous Sponsor
December 2016

Forever Savvy has been working closely with Lucy at Mutual Shoots to produce a promotional video, which you can view below. One of our big challenges in this production was to find a sponsor to cover the production costs.  It's ...

Cafe Savvy now OPEN
June 2016

Exciting NEWS We are really excited to invite you along to our latest venture Cafe Savvy. We are working in partnership with Bagworth Community Centre to open an amazing community coffee shop, that provides free WiFi along with drinks and ...