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We are all Different, different

Everyone comes into the world with their birth a different story,

Some are easy labours, and others much more gory.

We’re all brought up in ways that vary from each other,

Some children have two parents and others just have a mother.

In some cases its dad who looks after all his brood,

We all have different houses we all eat different food.

There are those who are quite sporty and those who like to read,

Some people like to follow, and others must lead.

Some of us are good at maths and some are very arty,

Some will always shy away from any kind of party.

Some men feel very feminine and like to wear dresses.

While some women feel more masculine and all that that expresses.

A man can change to women and a woman change to man.

This is all accepted in the everyday plan.

We embrace that we’re all different and are not all the same.

But when it comes to special needs it’s a different kind of game.

Why don’t we all just recognise the gifts they have to offer,

Instead of all the platitudes we all do tend to proffer.

Difficulty learning does not mean cannot learn.

And as with disability it does not mean cannot earn.

So why then is it acceptable at the age of 24?

For years of retirement to come knocking at the door.

Let’s give an opportunity to those with special needs.

To work alongside everyone and see where this can lead.

It may not cost a lot to you to give them some employ.

And the government may also help to add to all that joy.

If you think that you could possibly offer some hours or a day.

Please contact me a s a p and help someone on their way.

To say that ‘I have got a job and I will have some Pay’.

Remember we’re all different and differences are great!

We should embrace all our differences after all it is just fate.

By Angie Stokes

February 2023

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