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From Gillian and Ali al-Nowaihi (parents).

"Our daughter, is fortunate to have access to excellent medical and social services of the City of Leicester. However, like the rest of us, she feels a great need to be a productive member of her community. As she is severely mentally handicapped, this is hard to achieve. We are, therefore, most grateful for the excellent opportunity provided to her by Forever Savvy to work in a field growing plants and looking after 4 horses, 8 chickens, 2 guinea pigs, 2 cats and 3 rabbits.

This gives her great joy and fulfilment. She has been going to Forever Savvy since May 2013. We have seen a dramatic improvement in her confidence, self-reliance, and keenness and ability to take on various responsibilities. She has developed strong bonds with her carers, fellow workers and the animals she looks after."

April 2022


By a Parent Using our Summer Sessions

"S. really did enjoy his visits to both Horse savvy, K9 savvy and the community café at Bagworth as did I, in fact very beneficial to both of us, which might be worth considering when planning future events or development of services.

People outside of family as well as family members have commented how S seems more mature with better listening and co-operation since attending the sessions, so a big thank you to you all both staff and trainees."

August 2018


By Sue Whawell, Senior Teaching Assistant, Dorothy Goodman School, Hinckley

We would like to say a very special and sincere thank you to the Forever Savvy teams for the outstanding work you do with our students and the opportunities you offer them. The dedication the teams show is to be commended. Our students are passionate about the work they carry out with you and relish being part of the team. We have seen fabulous personal development: our student at K9 Savvy is now able to complete his tasks with minimal support and is competent in his achievements. There has been a significant improvement in his social skills. Our other student expresses delight and joy when working at Horse Savvy and her developing confidence, independence and speech is clearly evident. Our staff thoroughly enjoy their time with you and the warm, friendly and safe environment you create. We look forward to our continuing relationship.

January 2017


By Pauline Wright (parent)  two years on.

My daughter has been at Forever Savvy for about 2 years. I was concerned at the start as she was not too happy around horses.  She has now gained so much confidence that she can go about her tasks without prompting and hopefully at some point gain employment.  A Big thank you to Amanda and all her staff.

July 2016


Thanks from Pat Thorpe

My brother Craig, who has Down's syndrome, has been going to Forever Savvy for about a year. At first I wasn't sure if it would be right for him, but he absolutely loves it. He has been given a mentor and all the staff are friendly and very supportive whilst trying to encourage him to be independent.

Criag has learnt new skills which he is very proud of, especially with the horse Torran. He also does gardening, crafts and looking after the chickens. Protective clothing and boots are provided and health and safety is paramount.

At the moment Craig is working towards an award for his horse skills.

Its a very worthwhile day which helps to keep him healthy and fit and its somewhere where he can interact with people in the same position as him. It is good that someone has taken the time to set up a project like this, thank you.

October 2014


By Angie Stokes (parent) a year on.

Rebecca (Boo) has been coming to Savvy now for a year. She is progressing well in lots of areas which would never occur to me and is becoming more independent and helpful. The first things she says / signs when she wakes up is horses and is always happy to go whatever the weather. I am really happy with Forever Savvy as it has given Boo a purpose in life and made her feel useful in something that she is able to do. Thank you Amana and team I hope she continues to come here for a long time.

Sept 2014


Commenting on the project, parent of two trainees at Forever Savvy Judy Warner said:

“As a parent with two young adults with Down Syndrome, Forever Savvy is a brilliant way of anyone with a learning difficulty to be involved with outdoor activities, working with other people and especially animals in their own environment.

“We are so pleased that the project received a Big Society Grant, as they need all of the help they can get to improve what is available already. I know Forever Savvy will become a very successful learning centre and an asset to the local community.”

April 2013

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