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Direct Payment Card

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What are Direct Payment Cards and how do they work?

  • Direct Payment Cards are the easiest way to receive a Direct Payment.

  • Direct Payment Cards operate in a similar way to normal debit cards except that money is pre-loaded onto the card by the council and then spent by the cardholder to achieve the desired outcomes identified in their Support Plan.

  • As they do not incorporate a credit facility the cards cannot become overdrawn.

  • Money can be loaded onto the card by the council or the customer at any time.

  • All transactions are recorded automatically, and it is possible to check how the money is spent and when money is added to the account, either by the council or the customer.

  • You can check your account statement at any time over the internet or by calling the card service centre. If you do not use a computer a paper statement can be requested from us.

  • Although the debit card will be issued to you, with your name on it, it belongs to the council.


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