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Work, A Chapter of Life.

To most, life is like writing a book and we seem to have most of our life mapped out.

We have chapters to our lives that if we want to, we can write   We go to school and then college or university.  For those that want to, we than start looking for jobs, hook up with someone, have kids and then grandkids, retire etc.  We see these chapters as normal. 

There are others in this world for whom, these chapters may remain unwritten because of disability or learning difficulty. Their chapters are more uncertain and usually depend much more on others to help write them.

The working chapter may look vastly different to yours or mine but it can be written none the less for some adults with learning difficulties.  For these people this chapter holds much more importance. In life we all need to feel we have a purpose and for adults with a learning difficulty the difference to their self esteem and confidence because they are ‘going to work’ is quite noticeable. 

They feel that THEY have a purpose now too. Even if it is 5 hours a week it is a purpose.

Forever Savvy work with adults with learning difficulties to help them make the most of their skills and guide those who, it may be appropriate for, towards employment and a purpose.

Work comes in all forms and shapes and sizes and not all jobs involve computers, important telephone calls as in office work, or the ability to work at a fast pace such as in warehousing.

There are jobs suitable for adults who like routine and repetition, such as cleaning, baking, housekeeping and gardening.

If you think that you have a job for a few hours each week available, that might help write someone’s chapter please get in touch and we can give you more information.

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