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Personal Budget

Do you have a learning disability?

Trainee places at Forever Savvy are generally funded by a Personal Budget, this is an amount of money set aside for you by social services to spend on the support you need.

  • Having a Personal Budget means that you are in charge of how the money for your support is spent

  • Having a Personal Budget doesn't mean you have to receive the money yourself if you don't want to. 

  • After your assessment, social services will tell you roughly how much money might need to be spent on your support - this is called your indicative Personal Budget.

  • Social Services will also need to work out if you will have to pay towards the cost of your support, by doing a financial assessment.

  • Knowing your indicative Personal Budget in advance, helps you to plan how you want to be supported to meet your needs and achieve the things you want to achieve.  Social services call the things you want to achieve 'My Outcomes'

  • Social Services will help you to plan your support and develop a Support Plan, or you can do this yourself if you prefer with the help of friends and family or with another organisation or person that isn't part of the Council

You can self-refer to Adult Social Care, the Customer Services is the first point of contact for most enquiries.

Leicestershire County Council

Phone: 0116 305 0004
Fax: 0116 305 0010 


Leicester City Council
 Phone: 0116 454 1004
Minicom: 0116 252 7011

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