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Words of Support

“The Big Society Grant Fund is all about helping the communities of Leicestershire to help themselves. There was a clear need from the community for this type of facility and the expansion of Forever Savvy provides a solution to address this need."

“Supporting the costs involved in expanding Forever Savvy not only fits with the main aims of the Big Society Grant Fund but also with the priorities of Leicestershire County Council around Supporting Leicestershire Families, tackling unhealthy life styles and supporting vulnerable people.”

Blake Pain,
Chairman of the Big Society Grant Fund Panel
Leicestershire County Council

May 2013


Dear Rob & Amanda,

I fully support you in your grant application for your community project called Forever Savvy.

I think there is need for such a project in the area.

I look forward to visiting the site in the near future and wish you well in this project.

Kind regards,
Cllr Janice Richards
Conservative Party
Hinckley & Bosworth County Council

Sept 2012


Hi Amanda,

I have read your submission for a Big Society Grant and write to confirm that I would be delighted to support your application.

Your assessment of the current provisions available to disabled people in this difficult economic climate is accurate and fair, and therefore I find this project you have embarked on extremely commendable and productive. The long term strategy is sound and sustainable.

If there is any further support I can assist you with in my role as your local councillor, please feel free to contact me.

Wishing you and your team every success with your new project.


Koreen Hubbard
Councillor for Earl Shilton Town Council.

Sept 2012

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