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Supporting adults with learning disabilities


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Forever Savvy offers vocational training and support for adults with learning disabilities. Our aim is to make life more meaningful for people with a learning disability. We provide outdoor education centres and a café setting with the sole aim of helping people to take their first steps towards employment. Our community projects enable people to work with animals, on the land, or within our very own Tea & Coffee Shop. Based within a safe environment, we give people the opportunity to learn new life and work skills, and to achieve a healthy emotional and physical balance in their lives. 

 Horse Savvy - Potters Marston Horse Savvy - Potters Marston Creative Savvy - Bagworth Creative Savvy - Bagworth Horse Savvy - Potters Marston Cafe Savvy - Bagworth

If you have a family member or a client with a learning disability, and you would like advice or support, please contact one of our team.

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