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National Numeracy Champion

We are proud to announce that recently Our Client Liaison Office Angie Stokes has become a Numeracy Champion.

Being a numeracy champion means advocating and promoting the importance of numeracy skills in everyday life.

It involves raising awareness about the benefits of being numerate, such as making better financial decisions, understanding data and statistics, and solving problems in various contexts.

A numeracy champion can be anyone who values and promotes the development of numeracy skills, such as educators, parents, employers, community leaders, and policy makers.

Numeracy champions encourage others to engage in activities that promote numeracy skills, such as budgeting, measuring and estimating, analyzing data, and solving problems using mathematical concepts.

Being a numeracy champion also involves breaking down the barriers that prevent people from developing numeracy skills, such as math anxiety, negative attitudes towards math, and lack of access to resources and support. By advocating for numeracy skills and providing resources and support, numeracy champions can help individuals and communities build confidence in their math abilities and improve their quality of life.

We should now hopefully be able to go to Angie to help us with any numeracy issues we have.

April 2023

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