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BBC Radio Leicester Broadcast

Forever Savvy got it's 15 minutes of fame on 1st August 2014, when BBC Radio Leicester came along and did a 2 hour outside broadcast down at the farm.
It was a beautiful sunny afternoon when Jason Chance and his crew spent the afternoon with us.  Savvy trainees gave the BBC a very warm welcome and did a awesome job at guiding Jason around the farm and getting him involved in the activities of the day.  These included pushing a large round bale of hay into the pony paddock and painting bird box's ready for delivery to a 25 acre wood in Measham.
The Savvy team; trustees, support workers, trainees and parents enjoyed the experience of being radio stars and were impressed at the professionalism of how an outside broadcast is put together.
We'd like to thank Craig our very own Savvy trainee for taking the initiative to invite Radio Leicester to the farm, and hope he enjoyed being a presenter for the afternoon.
For those who heard the broadcast we think we sounded great, what about you?

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