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Care Professional of the Year 2023

We are absolutely thrilled for Amanda Phelps to have been nominated and chosen as the winner in the category of "Learning Disability Professional of the Year" 

Full details can be viewed here CPOTYA Programme - Finished (


This special awards ceremony, where we come together to celebrate the incredible achievements of individuals in the field of adult social care. This awards booklet is a treasure trove of stories that highlight the exceptional dedication and hard work of those who have made a real difference in the lives of adults who rely on our care and support. In a world that is often filled with challenges and uncertainties, it's heart-warming to see how these remarkable individuals have gone above and beyond to provide compassionate care and support. They've not only excelled in their roles but have also touched the lives of those they care for in profound ways. As you flick through the pages of this booklet, you'll encounter inspiring journeys and hear about the significant contributions of our award recipients. These stories are a testament to the impact that dedicated individuals can have in the world of adult social care. Let's take a moment to extend our warmest congratulations to these deserving awardees, whose tireless efforts have earned them this moment in the spotlight today. We also want to express our gratitude to all the sponsors, supporters, and everyone who has made this event possible. These awards are not just about celebrating achievements; they're a source of motivation, a reminder that compassion and dedication can lead to greatness in adult social care. So, let's celebrate these wonderful individuals and look forward to a future where even more hearts are touched and lives are improved through caring and dedicated adult social care.

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