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Leicester College Partnership

Forever Savvy had the pleasure on 19th June 2014, in welcoming 5 students from the "Moving On Group" of Leicester Colleges Continuing Studies Course to the farm.

The students had the chance to experience a days work at the farm and got enthusiatically involved in building a track extension to our pony paddocks.

This involved removing posts from their old location to the new.  Placing the posts evenly, thumping the posts in and attaching wire connectors ready for the electric fencing.  They then ably threaded the electric wire through the connectors of the new posts.  After lunch their final task was to fill the holes that were left at the old location.  Savvy fill these with horse manure to feed the ground and encourage new grass to grow.  This provided a source of amusement to most of the students who had never handle horse poo before.

Forever Savvy are grateful for the work that the students completed and the ponies are very happy with their extension.  We look forward to a growing partnership with Leicester College to assist with the good work they do.

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