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April 2024 - Weʼre raising £3,600 to empower those with learning disabilities.

Amanda Phelps

1 Apr 2024

Over the next 12 months Amanda Phelps will be aiming to ride 1000 miles on my trusty stead Regalo.

Inspired by Your Horse #hack1000 challenge last year they didn't complete the full challenge but did get 293 miles under their belts. Fitting this sort of mileage in with a busy life is a massive challenge, on my own she believes she can double her 2023 miles but with your support she hopes you can push her past the 1000 mile finish line. Of the 306 participants taking part last year 29 successfully completed the 1000 mile challenge. She'd like to be part of this elite group in 2024.

At Forever Savvy, we believe in the potential of everybody with a disability. Our mission is to provide educational resources, mentorship programs, and opportunities for personal growth, regardless of their background or circumstances.

If you'd like to sponsor Amanda and Regalo on their endeavour please go to the Crowd Funding Page here:

Crowdfunding to empower those with learning disabilities. Our commitment includes caring for 5 horses, with a yearly hay bill of £3600 on JustGiving

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