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Mar 2024 - Generous Donors Rally Behind Rob Phelps' Crowdfunding Campaign

Amanda Phelps

16 Mar 2024

Online Fundraiser raised £1200.00 for Forever Savvy

In an inspiring display of solidarity and generosity, an online crowdfunding campaign has been launched to support Rob Phelps, an individual fight challenge. The initiative, hosted on the popular platform JustGiving, aims to provide vital assistance to Forever Savvy.

The crowdfunding page, located at, has garnered significant attention across social media platforms. Friends, family, and even strangers have united to offer support and contribute to Robs' cause.

Our eco-friendly initiative, Horse Savvy, relies on solar power for lights and electrical sockets. Regrettably, our current system falls short, especially during winter, necessitating replacement to offer improved lighting in stables, office, and the canteen area, enhancing the learning experience for our trainees.

His fundraising efforts surpassed its initial goals, a testament to the compassion and generosity of donors. Messages of encouragement and solidarity flood the page, reflecting a shared commitment to assisting Forever Savvy improve it's off grid solar system.

For those interested in contributing or learning more about Rob Phelps' story, the crowdfunding page can be accessed at

The campaign serves as a beacon of hope and demonstrates the profound impact of collective kindness in transforming lives.

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