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May 2024 - Proud to support the RDA with a cake sale

Amanda Phelps

18 May 2024

Joining East Midlands Quadrille Club to raise funds for the RDA

The East Midlands Quadrille Club hosted an exciting event to debut their 2024 display routine and team, aiming to raise funds for the charity Riding for the Disabled.

We were invited to contribute by selling cakes during the display. Horse Savvy spruced up its reliable horse trailer to serve as our stall, while Café Savvy baked the cakes and supplied the necessary resources for a professional setup.

With the help of volunteer trainees and job coaches, we organized the event, welcomed many attendees, sold numerous cakes, and successfully raised £600 for the local RDA group.

We thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to participate, support the charity, and showcase our skills.

A big thank you to everyone who contributed!

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