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Summer Taster Sessions 2013

Ever moving forward and developing the project we decided to open up the farm to new trainees over the summer.  This gave the chance for young people of 17+ going through children to adult transistions at school to experience a future placement when they move on.  It also allowed adults with learning disabilities 20+ to experience working at the farm as the potential to add to their daily lifes.

The weather for 2013 was glorious and the taster sessions were a great success.  We had 8 new trainees attend and get involved in;

  • cleaning, feeding and handling chickens
  • fence building
  • cleaning, feeding and handling horses
  • meeting sheep
  • making a bird box
  • making a healthy lunch
  • making new firends
  • learning to work as a team
  • exercise
  • and experiencing independence

all in a positive risk environment.

From the success of the summer and enthusiasm of the Savvy support team and trainees we are now going to open for three days a week from 2nd September 2013.

Our new opening times and days are Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays from 10:00am to 2:30pm.  We currently have trainee vacancies available as follows;

  • Monday - 1 space
  • Tuesday - 1 space
  • Thursday - 1 space

If you'd like to find out about these spaces then get in touch with Amanda on 07765 877273 or


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