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Leicestershire County Council has been working out what services and support needs to be available over the next 4 years for adults who need may need support from adult social care. The council wants to hear your views on the changes that will need to be made at a time when there is less money and the number of people needing help is likely to increase.

The changes that are included would affect:

  • People who use services, and those who might use them in the future
  • The carers of people who use services
  • Providers of social care services
  • Other organisations or services that help to keep people well and healthy
  • All people living in Leicestershire, including council taxpayers who pay for adult social care

Please have your say by visiting

If you have any questions, or want to request a paper questionnaire you can contact the council on 0116 3050232 or e-mail

If you have any ideas about getting the views of people you use your services, or hold any group sessions that you would like someone from the council to attend, please let us know by replying to the email or contacting the phone number above.

October 2015

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