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Kind Donation from Taylor Hobson

Everyone at Forever Savvy would like to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to Taylor Hobson for choosing to support us during 2020.  With the generous donation of £4333.00 we have been able to set our selves up for the fight agains COVID-19. 

So far we have used the donation for

  • COVID PPE - gloves, hand santizer, masks and cleaning fluids in all 4 of our venues

  • New work wear for our staff

  • New work wear for our trainees

  • Additional laptop to assist with online training of staff and trainees

  • Additional venue costs.

  • 10 X digital infrared thermometers

  • 10 X wipe down car seat covers for safe transport of trainees

As we move forward with the fight against the pandemic,  Taylor Hobson's kindness will ensure that we are set up to ensure the health and safety of everyone at Forever Savvy for the coming months ahead.

July 2020

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