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Welcome to the world of work

Forever Savvy would like to welcome 3 new employees with hopefully another one by the end of this month.
Part of our mission is to help adults with a disability gain or enhance skills that thave to make their lives more purposf but also in some cases move towards employment.
We are extremely proud to say that two of our trainees are starting work with us.  These young men have worked extrememly hard at practicing skills and learning to follow instructions and problem solve.  They have worked through all weathers and overcome lots of problems but are now members of the working population.  Congratulations D and K for youir momentous achievement and soon to be followed by K.  
In order to make this possible we have also employed with the help of Access to Work a new job coach Emma who will be working alongside D and K.  
Welcome to the world of Savvy.  May there be more sunny days than snow and enjoy your experience
February 2021

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